It's coming, promise!

Dear small collection of fans,

The handful of you who are gripping the arm-rests of your seats eagerly awaiting the epic conclusion of
The Case of Mistaken Importance, you need not worry in vain! As promised the so called season finale will arrive, just not as soon as I had hoped.
To update you on my life, for those interested, the past few weeks have looked like this:
Project, presentation, project, class, finals, packing, Army stuff, moving, unpacking.
With less than a month now until my adventure to Basic training begins, I will in that time finish the story for all to see before I depart for quite some time.

It’s coming, I promise.

Michael Shoemaker

YDA Confrence!

So in the wee hours of Friday morning, friends and I are hitting the road for Salt Lake City Utah where we are attending the Young Democrats of America Conference.
It should be fun, hopefully the 16 hour car ride wont drive me insane though.
I guess this means I will have to get Lupin written extra early this week.


Lupin is off to Paris

Next weeks Arsene Lupin adventure takes Lupin back to his roots in Paris, France in The Case of Mistaken Importance.
Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday this week.


Lupin's Next Adventure

Lupin Fans fear not!
Your favorite gentleman thief shall return soon!
How soon?!
Soon! (The week after Thanksgiving!)

We are simply taking a two week vacation from Lupin right now. Catching up on getting school done before the holiday week off.

However keep your eyes open for the next story to come, as it will be magical! (Well figuratively)

That’s all for now!

More Lupin Stuff

So last week’s Arsene Lupin is up under Books & Stories finally.
Spending today working on story 4!