~About Michael~

Michael Shoemaker ®

I have lived in Manhattan, KS for about a year now. In July of 2012 I joined the KS National Guard as a Combat Medic, and will be leaving in Jan for Basic. By trade I work in the nursing field, and am currently going to school for a nursing degree.
During the 2012 election season I have spent countless hours volunteering, and doing video production for candidates locally.
I write
The New Adventures of Arsene Lupin for The Hype Weekly, which is a local paper.


EDITOR: I would like to give credit to my fantastic editor and friend Alex Stoddard. He has graciously volunteers time and time again to make the things I put on paper stunning.

Keegan D. Hudspeth - The fantastic artist who illustrates The New Adventures of Arsene Lupin each week in The Hype Weekly.

REPRESENTATION: Exposure Model & Talent Agency